2024 Apr/29

Announcing the international winners of the EU-CONEXUS School Contest ‘Think Smart, Create Green’, 4th edition

The 4th edition of the EU-CONEXUS International School Contest ‘Think Smart, Create Green’ has officially ended!

Many congratulations to all the participants and Bravo to our international winners!

We would also like to forward a special Thank You to all the teachers and pupils who participated. We hope to see many of you at the upcoming 5th edition that will launch soon. Stay updated by following us on social media and on our website!

Here are the final rankings:

  • 1st place – Team from Lithuania (Environmental Sustainability)
  • 2nd place – Team from Greece (Rethink Reuse)
  • 3rd place – Team from Cyprus (The Remake)
  • 4th place – Team from Croatia (Give me 5)
  • 5th place – Team from France (Eco Bean Bag) & Team from Spain (Recycled Stool)
  • 6th place – Team from Romania (Smart Greenhouse)
  • 1st place – Team from Greece (Eco Cash)
  • 2nd place – Team from Lithuania (HomeTown Changers)
  • 3rd place – Team from Spain (Eco Bricks)
  • 4th place – Team from France (Safeteen Nets)
  • 5th place – Team from Croatia (4 C – Collect, cut, connect and create)
  • 6th place – Team from Ireland (Reef Relief)
  • 7th place – Team from Cyprus (Shoreline Salvation)

This contest encourages the participating pupils to:

  • Raise awareness of environmental sustainability, smart cities, and circular economy
  • Develop English language skills
  • Build interest in other countries and cultures
  • Become more aware of shared coastal issues
  • Develop a sense of accomplishment and empowerment
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Develop team building skills
  • Become active in shaping social changes
  • Develop youth entrepreneurship and a sense of social responsibility

For the International Stage, each EU-CONEXUS University submitted the work of the national winners (one (1) per category) to the international jury. International contestants also gave 10-minute presentations on their work in English (online), with a 5-minute Q&A session led by the jury members after each presentation.

Thank you to the EU-CONEXUS School Committee Representatives for their work throughout the year in the University to School Programme:

Our appreciation also goes to the jury members of the international final for their work and expertise:

  • Christelle Tallon (France)
  • Antonios Vlassopoulos (Greece)
  • Bogdan Gheorghe (Romania)
  • Rima Mickevičienė, Erika Zuperkiene (Lithuania)
  • Raquel Blave (Spain)
  • Valerija Šinko (Croatia)
  • Karolynn McDonnell (Ireland)
  • Theobald Goltz (Student Board Representative)
  • Loutsia Nardi (Cyprus)
  • We strongly believe that coastal sustainability is an essential aspect of responsible living, and it can be achieved by implementing the 9R framework. This is the main reason why this edition emphasized the framework of reducing waste and adopting a circular economy, which is crucial for coastal ecosystems’ health and longevity.

The 9R framework proposed in the contest has a lot of potential to reduce the amount of plastic waste and other pollutants that end up in the ocean, thereby protecting marine life and maintaining the delicate balance of the coastal ecosystem. Ultimately, coastal sustainability and responsible living go hand in hand, and it’s our collective responsibility to protect our oceans and ensure their long-term viability.

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