2023 Nov/08

EU-CONEXUS activities at UTCB Doctoral School Conference

Taking place October 25-26, the 6th edition of the UTCB Doctoral School Conference brought together PhD students and their supervisors – both from UTCB and EU-CONEXUS community. With over 120 attendees, this event provides lasting value to the research community, presenting a unique opportunity to strengthen existing bonds, make new connections and share ideas.

The conference was split into two parts. The first one shed light on current theoretical challenges in research and higher education. The second one was focused on the results of doctoral research in civil engineering. During the conference, around 100 attendees (national and international specialists, colleagues, and PhD students) took the opportunity to deliver presentations within the two main topic areas.

EU-CONEXUS representatives initiated the following activities:

  • Keynote Lecture on EU-CONEXUS Ethics and Research Integrity Guidelines by Assist. Prof. Sophie Mavrikou, PhD, our colleague from the Agricultural University of Athens
  • Presentation on European opportunities we provide for academic and student communities by the EU-CONEXUS Office at UTCB
  • Student Hackaton for BSc, MSc and PhD students: “UTCB – Part of EU-CONEXUS Green Campus Smart, Sustainable and Greener Campus Challenge”

The Hackaton challenged students to find innovative ideas for making the UTCB campus more modern, smart and sustainable. This angle matches UTCB’s mission as a EU-CONEXUS Green Campus. Four teams with three students in each one took part in this event, dedicating 90 minutes to refine their best solutions. After the given time was up, each team concluded their efforts with a short presentation. Their input was analyzed and evaluated in terms of creativity, implementation strategy and innovative ideas.

The jury and selection committee consisted of:

  • Prof. Frédéric Thevenet, IMT Nord Europe
  • Assist. Prof. Sophie Mavrikou, Agricultural University of Athens
  • Anca Mărgineanu, EU-CONEXUS Institutional Coordinator in UTCB
  • Charles Berville, Specialist in Sustainability

Congratulations to all participants and the winning Team: Lăzăroiu Anamaria, Cojan Elisei and Dimcea Erik! Each member of the winning team was granted a mobility at one of our partners during this academic year. In a more general sense, this event also reflected the very spirit of EU-CONEXUS, using an agile approach to create learning opportunities and promote the development of transversal skills.

We hope that this conference will encourage our colleagues interested in presenting their research projects and refining their theoretical and methodological approaches to participate in even greater numbers during the next editions of this annual conference.

Explore the full programme of the conference here: at this link

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