2023 Oct/04

Master Students Welcome Week: Integration and Camaraderie

The second edition of the Joint Master in Marine Biotechnology landed in the city of Valencia, Spain in September. Representing about 19 different nationalities, including Spain, Germany, Greece, and more, 28 students gathered at the Catholic University of Valencia for the second edition of the Joint Master in Marine Biotechnology.

Selecting Valencia as the host city for the second edition of the Joint Master in Marine Biotechnology was an inspired decision. This vibrant Spanish city, situated on the Mediterranean coast, offers students a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. But the immersion into Valencia’s welcoming embrace doesn’t end there; the program’s Welcome Week activities add another layer of richness to the student experience.

The program’s Welcome Week is more than just a formal induction; it’s a journey that introduces students to both the academic and social fabric of Valencia. Here’s a glimpse of the engaging Welcome Week activities that set the tone for a memorable academic year:

  1. Welcome Day: The official Welcome Day sets the academic stage with a warm and informative speech by Master Officer, Melania Díaz, and the Director and Academic Coordinator, Jerónimo Chirivella. This session empowers students to make the most of their time at the university and in Valencia.
  2. Nation’s Dinner Party: One of the highlights of Welcome Week is the nation’s dinner party, where students are paired with local buddies. This multicultural gathering allows students to sample the rich tapestry of flavors from around the world while forging friendships with their peers and Valencia residents.
  3. Bike Tour: The city of Valencia is a treasure trove of historical landmarks and hidden gems. The bike tour around the city offers students a unique perspective on Valencia’s breathtaking architecture, lush green parks, and charming streets.
  4. Creativity at the Beach: Students have the chance to get creative at the beach by making molds of the shoreline. These unique creations hold not only aesthetic value but also scientific importance. All molds will travel to La Rochelle Université, in France, for a research fair, showcasing the innovative spirit and artistic talents of the students to the international academic community.
  5. Volleyball Session: As part of the team-building activities, a friendly volleyball session was organized.

Incorporating these engaging activities into the Welcome Week not only helps students settle into their new academic environment but also ensures that they immediately feel a sense of belonging in the vibrant and welcoming city of Valencia. These experiences become cherished memories that bond students together as they embark on their marine biotechnology journey in this dynamic coastal city.

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