2023 May/10

EU-CONEXUS talked Research and Innovation at European scale at the European Research Area (ERA) Action 13 Subgroup meeting

EU-CONEXUS talked Research and Innovation at European scale at the European Research Area (ERA) Action 13 Subgroup meeting.

On May 4th, members of the ERA Action 13 Subgroup* gathered to talk about the role and ambition of European Universities regarding research and innovation at European scale. More specifically they alluded to:

  • The European added value for reinforcing research and innovation intensity in universities or networks of universities?
  • How to better coordinate between member statesand the European Union to raise excellence in universities, and to support trailblazer institutions?
  • Empowering universities, towards an action plan:
    • Identifying the most feasible and relevant actions, on the short (2025), medium (2026-2027), and long term (>2027)?,
    • Defining how to foster concrete synergies with education?
    • Finding ways to better align EU and national/regional efforts
  • The next steps to take.

Jean-Marc Ogier, President of EU-CONEXUS, took part in the event alongside representatives of member states, and research experts. There, he testified of the impacts and added value of European Universities to intensify Research & Innovation at European levels.

“This meeting was an opportunity to highlight the structuring of European research offered by the alliances, within a sustainable framework. The presence of the DGEAC at this meeting also made it possible to highlight the European Commission’s ambition to work within a holistic framework, decompartementalizing training, research, innovation, and the relationship with the territories.”, Jean-Marc Ogier, President of EU-CONEXUS.

Highlighting the added value of the “SwafS – Science with and for Society” and “Horizon 2020” funds, perceived by our European University, Jean-Marc Ogier explained how it has – and still – allowed us to:

  • specialize ourselves on Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability,
  • harmonize, foster and strengthen cooperation and collaboration through the launch of associated projects such as “RFS: Research For Society” through which global initiatives involving other communities of researchers, stakeholders and the public are taken (eg. Hackathon 2023, Conferences cycle…)
  • fund and enhance research mobilities,
  • implement post-doctorale programmes, joint research institutes, systems to open access to knowledge and resources (RIIS, OpenAire Gateway, innovation hub).

*The ERA Action 13 Subgroup is one of the subgroup initiated by the ERA Forum. This forum, launched in 2000 by the European Commission with the will to “create a single, borderless market for research, innovation and technology across the European Union” gathers the key contributors to European research and innovation of each European country.

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