2023 Apr/03

Research for Society

Training Course on transversal skills took place at the Agricultural University of Athens within the framework of the Programme EU-CONEXUS- RESEARCH FOR SOCIETY (RFS)

From Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 March 2023, a training course was held at the Agricultural University of Athens, entitled “Transversal skills”.  Seventeen (17) Researchers out of the six (6) partner Universities of EU-CONEXUS- RESEARCH FOR SOCIETY (RFS) have assembled in Greece, for attending the third face-to-face session upon human resource management issues. Each day of the session has been dedicated to exploring different aspects of Leadership, Negotiation and Career Planning.

Throughout the seminars, the participants have had the opportunity to take part in a number of activities that enabled them to apply the procedures and notions featured, observing behaviours and attitudes that should be maintained or modified, with a view to organizing, leading and effectively managing a research team that has undertaken the implementation of a scientific work, thus gaining considerable experiences in their scientific action.

The EU-CONEXUS RESEARCH FOR SOCIETY (RFS) Programme supports and strengthens interdisciplinary research collaboration amongst the Universities of the alliance, extending across nine (9) coastal European areas, in order to create a multidisciplinary and a globally competitive research and innovation structure, based on researchers having a completely open mind as to the new and innovative cooperations with industry and society.

One of the most important perspectives of the particular pilot training involves multiculturalism, inasmuch the different research background of the participants.  Interdisciplinary and cultural diversity enriches the content and quality of proposals, while encouraging at the same time communication and exchange of views and knowledge among the teams, thus contributing to facing the challenges of the cross-disciplinary research. Post-doctoral young Researchers have attended the seminars with physical presence, coming from the six (6) EU-CONEXUS Institutions. The Organizational Psychologist Ms. Zoe Fragou has provided the attendants’ training into issues on leadership organisation, empowerment of communication skills and team management, too.

The Alliance of the European University EU-CONEXUS, is a transnational European Higher Education Institution and Research upon Sustainable Management of Urban Coastal Zone. The Agricultural University of Athens constitutes one out of the nine (9) partners of this new University, wherein the eight (8) other partners are made up of La Rochelle Université in France, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest in Romania, Klaipeda University in Lithouania, Universidad Católica de Valencia “San Vicente Mártir” in Spain, University of Zadar in Croatia, Frederick University in Cyprus, Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland and University of Rostock in Germany.

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