2023 Feb/21

EU-CONEXUS Open Day at the UCV

Open Day at the UCV about EU-CONEXUS has invited the academic, research and staff community to know in depth one of the alliances with greater international scope and its opportunities, in a dynamic session where attendants were informed of all the projects and programmes in which it is involved, and in which aspects related to research, internationalisation and teaching were debated at different round tables, ending with a networking space.

The meeting was inaugurated by the Rector of the UCV, José Manuel Pagán, who stated that “EU-CONEXUS has been, and continues to be, a driving force for our university, providing us with resources, experience and good practices from other universities, as well as visibility and prestige within the Spanish university system and the regional, national and European administration itself”.

The event was presented by Pablo Vidal and Neringa Narbutiene, delegate of the rector and head of EU-CONEXUS respectively and reviewed the different European projects that the consortium has launched, as well as other outstanding initiatives such as the Minor programmes, the joint international master’s degree with Erasmus Mundus scholarships, the summer school for doctoral students, or the ED-AFFICHE project for obtaining the European Degree Label, among many others.


The meeting included three round tables. The first of these, dedicated to the academic aspects of EU-CONEXUS, was attended by Amanda Sancho, academic innovation coordinator at EU-CONEXUS; Jerónimo Chirivella, academic coordinator of the Joint Master’s Degree in Marine Biotechnology; and María Gil, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences.

The speakers agreed that “beyond the joint master’s degree that has been launched, EU-CONEXUS is a catalyst that will allow us to define the rules on micro-credentials at the UCV with the joint experience of the alliance”.

In the next round table, focused on research, Javier Sancho, research coordinator at the Vice-Rectorate for Research, Inmaculada Llibrer, vice-dean of the degree in Business Administration and Management, and doctoral student Antonio Vidal, highlighted the “multiple possibilities offered by the consortium in terms of research training, thanks to funding that, working alone, would be difficult to obtain”.

“Being part of EU-CONEXUS is a great competitive advantage for the UCV as it facilitates its connection with the other partners – providing it with resources and technologies that it does not have – and makes it possible to participate in European research groups with access to European funding,” they added.

The third-round table, focused on professional and personal development, was attended by Beatriz Manrique, head of the International Department; Eva Bolinches, accounting and management control technician; and Raquel Blave, lecturer and international coordinator of the Faculty of Teaching and Education Sciences.

In this session, the speakers emphasised the importance of close collaboration between universities when it comes to sharing good practices and recounted their international experiences at different universities in the consortium.

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