2022 Dec/12

Aquaculture and Oceanography week organized by the Agricultural University of Athens

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) organized an Aquaculture and Oceanography Week within the EU-CONEXUS Minor courses Aquaculture and Hydrobiology – Planktology. A three-day event (6-8 December 2022) was hosted in the facilities of the aquaculture company AVRAMAR. During these three days students from France, Lithuania, Romania and Greece together with members of the AUA faculty staff visited a commercial hatchery, a sea-cages farm, a fish feed production and a finfish processing/packaging factory. The visit took place in Evvoia island and in Attica prefecture. Hence, the students had the opportunity to see with details all the production steps from egg to fish with the technology of feed production that is applied in the Mediterranean aquaculture. At this point we would like to thank Avramar and its personnel for their hospitality and willingness to answer all the questions made by the students.

Furthermore, a lab hands-on course on aquaculture live prey hatching took place in the Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology, AUA. Besides the scientific involvement, the students had the opportunity to enjoy the countryside, local delicacies, get closer to each other and share their culture. This event and the entire experience are considered important for the development of the European students towards Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability within a constantly changing world.

Overall, this was the first successful field trip that the EU-Conexus students had the opportunity to participate in Greece.

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