2022 Nov/25

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Science for everyone at the UCV

Science for everyone! Is the moto of the activities within the Science Week organized by the UCV, the Faculty of Veterinary and Experimental Sciences and EU-CONEXUS Research For Society, in an aim to raise public awareness of the importance of research for society’s development. 

The activities were addressed to young students from high and elementary schools in the region. The purpose was to inspire them STEM careers and education pathways, through several fun and dynamic activities such as an escape room ‘Scape the Island’, where students had to apply knowledge on biology and oceanography to survive on a desert island and get rescued!   

In another workshop, students got down to business becoming researchers by entering the lab, wearing lab coats, and taking up some experiments related to biotechnology, veterinary and marine sciences. They could also attend a workshop in scientific journalism where they were able to transfer their little research results and learn how to communicate effectively.  

Along with this, they enjoyed observing biological samples, learning how oceanographers work and how underwater life reports are filmed by first-hand professionals. During the activities, pupils practiced ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork, teambuilding, developing experiment hypothesis … and many more skills that enable them to do a proper analysis via scientific method and be active problem-solvers.  

More than 100 students participated and engaged into university activities, getting a deeper insight of the huge and thrilling career development possibilities that await them in the future!

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