2022 Sep/26

UTCB organized its 1st Civic Engagement Debathon in Sinaia, Romania

Our partners from Technical University of Civil Engineering organized their 1st Civic Engagement Debathon in Sinaia, Romania this fall! A Delegation formed of UTCB teaching staff, students and a representative of EU-CONEXUS made an exploratory visit to the Royal Peleș Domain in Sinaia, as part of the Partnership Protocol between UTCB and the Royal Peleș Heritage Association (APRP).

As a result of this protocol, both the restoration projects of the historical buildings on the Sinaia Royal Domain and the students of the university will benefit, as future specialists in this niche of the profession. The protocol also represents the framework in which the two partners will conduct scientific events, research approaches, national and international experience exchanges.

Also, as part of EU-CONEXUS, the UTCB Delegation participated in their 1st Debathon. On behalf of our alliance Mrs. Lavinia Turcu, Communication and External Relations Coordinator from UTCB, held a presentation for the students about EU-CONEXUS opportunities and benefits. Alongside her was UTCB student Isabel Maglan, who participated at the Debathon that took place at the beginning of May this year in Klaipeda, Lithuania, entitled Why Do I Have to Worry About This?

This Erasmus Plus Student Civic Engagement project is coordinated by our alliance partners, La Rochelle Université, and it aims to develop the civic involvement of students, as well as to prepare them for the implementation of debates in their home universities. In this regard, our student Isabel Maglan held a training about the various types of debates and a presentation about her experience in Lithuania and how it impacted her. Then, the students chose to debate, in diverse formats, the topics that our colleagues from France debated at their Debathon, namely:

  • As a parent, would you allow your child to have a belief different than yours?
  • Is baptism ok as a baby?
  • Is the vaccination a right or a duty?
  • Can we tolerate all the beliefs?

And, taking into account both the national history, as Romania was a royal kingdom from 1881 with the crowning of prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen as King Carol I ( the beginning of the Romanian royal family), until 1947 with the abdication of King Michael I of Romania and the Romanian parliament’s proclamation of the Romanian People’s Republic, and the partnership with the Partnership Protocol between UTCB and the Royal Peleș Heritage Association (APRP), UTCB students also addressed, in fishbowl debate style, the topic of whether or not the constitutional monarchy would be a better form of government for Romania.

More information about this Debathon  can be accessed on the UTCB website.

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