2022 Sep/20

Frederick University, Cyprus, organizes the 1st Blended Intensive Programme entitled “Health and Safety in Coastal Sports Activities’’, supported by EU-CONEXUS

Between 18-24th of September, our partners from Frederick University of Cyprus are hosting the 1st BIP!

The mission of “Health and Safety in Coastal Sports Activities’’ – Blended Intensive Program – is to allow learners to develop skills and abilities in various outdoor and adventure activities which can take place in coastal areas inside and outside of the water. The learners will consider the psychological and physiological impacts of these activities. In addition, students will learn the basic health and safety regulations on coastal sports activities. The course offers modules that focus on developing personal performance in key activities like scuba diving, canoeing and cycling and kayaking with other water sports activities as well.

The students who are participating come from Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior (ESDRM) in Portugal and the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (UTCB) in Romania and also from Frederick University. 15 students and 6 university staff members will have the opportunity to participate in a full week of coastal sports activities including the necessary theoretical classes regarding the health and safety before each activity.


Scuba Diving – Athanasios Archondides
Rock Climbing – George Kaisharis
Bicycling – Andreas Constantinou
Kayaking – George Georgiou
First Aids – Constantina Ioannou
Zumba – Liliana Ramos

The agenda of the week also includes cultural and history based activities, in order for the students to really immerse in the spirit of a European training. The participants will have the opportunity to visit the Sea Museum of Ayia Napa municipality and learn the history of the area and the connection with the sea activities. Moreover, on Friday 23rd of September, the participants will join the big event of BE ACTIVE 2022 with lots of activities by the sea under the auspices of Cyprus Foundation of Sports that will take place at Nissi Beach.

In addition, EU-CONEXUS Mobility staff will join this event under Job Shadowing opportunity in order to oversee how Frederick University is organizing the first Blended Intensive Programme realized in the consortium, in order to efficiently and successfully plan the BIPs for the next year.

We wish the best of luck to our students!

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