2022 Jul/13

First Student Board meeting

EU-CONEXUS had first Student Board meeting in La Rochelle. During the first gathering, students discussed their vision on communication strategy, EU-CONEXUS academic offers, equality problems and culture/art importance.

Further on, the student board agreed on the creation of the EU-CONEXUS alumni network including all the graduated Minor, Master and PhD students. The 1st physical Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Meeting took place during the Student Board gathering, with representatives from ESN La Rochelle, UCV, ASE-CMP Bucharest & AUA. ESN structure that was decided – Create inside ESN committee for the communication between them and EU-CONEXUS.

Sustainability prospects for EU-CONEXUS, were discussed and divided in 2 groups : Global and Local actions. All this work mixed up with good team-building time in the evening, brought up some good results and better vision for the future.

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