2022 Jun/07

Research for Society

The 1st EU-CONEXUS Physical Research Workshop in the AUA

On the 1st and 2nd of June, the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) hosted the 1st EU-CONEXUS Physical Research Workshop, a major event in the EU-CONEXUS Alliance.

The Perspectives in Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability Research workshop brought together more than 90 researchers from the 9 EU-CONEXUS Universities. The workshop was opened up by two keynote speakers:  prof. E. Miliou, lead of EU-CONEXUS WP 4 Joint Research, spoke on the research structure of the Alliance, and prof. J.-M. Ogier, President of EU-CONEXUS, on the EU-CONEXUS‘ capacity to affect the development of European coastal regions. The keynotes were followed by the Vice-Rectors of Research or their delegates, presenting the institutional research profiles, while afterwards more than 90 researchers from all the Alliance member institutions attended four parallel groups based on the thematic areas of the joint research institutes: Coastal Engineering, Environmental Science and Biodiversity, Life Science and Biotechnology, and Social, Cultural, and Human Sciences.

During the second day, the four parallel sessions continued, while round tables within the Joint Research Institutes provided the opportunity for creative brainstorming and interaction among the members. During the final part of the workshop and the plenary session, the Chairs of each Institute presented the outcomes of their earlier discussions and summarised  how each Institute visualised joint activities, networking tools, and organisation within the JRIs in interdisciplinary issues.

The Research Workshop closed with the anticipation of the next scientific reunion and the plans for step-by-step implementation of all the specific proposals.