2022 Apr/13

LIFE PINNARCA mascot design contest

The LIFE PINNARCA project (LIFE-NAT/ES/001265) developed with the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union and led by IMEDMAR-UCV (Marine Research Insitute of the Catholic University of Valencia), has created an open contest for designing a mascot meant to be the European Image of the project, awared with a big prize, 4.000€. 

This contest will raise awareness of the importance of saving this critically endangered bivalve mollusk from its extinction. The aim of the LIFE PINNARCA project is to conserve the fan mussel (Pinna Nobilis) an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea, whose shell can measure more than one meter. A fundamental aspect for the protection and recovery of the species is the dissemination of the problem along with the participation of citizens and the differen sector involved, wth special emphasis on environmental improvement and the creation of synergies with other ecological conservation iniatives at national and international level. 

The contest is open to all persons aover 18 years old who reside in the European Union territory and who possess a valid identity card and/or permit residence in the case of foreigners, at the time of the awarding of the prize, will be able to participate. 

The deadline for applying is 27 April. 


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