2022 Mar/23

What is ConstructFEST? 

ConstructFEST is a fair of jobs and presentations of engineering innovations organized annually by the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. For the 2nd time in a row, the 2022 edition is organized in partnership with EU-CONEXUS.  This year’s edition also hosts the EU-CONEXUS Forum & Cultural Festival!

The event aims to bring together students and dozens of companies and to give them the opportunity to interact on various topics of interest, such as internships, job opportunities and recruitment. This year the event will take place at UTCB between 4th-8th of April in hybrid format. The live sessions of the event will be streamed here https://constructfest.360live.events/ 

What are the main events taking place under ConstructFEST? 

The event will feature the following series of events: 

  • Career and company fair 
  • The educational fair 
  • Laboratory visits 
  • EU-CONEXUS Cultural Festival 
  • EU-CONEXUS workshop and presentation 
  • Roundtables between EU-CONEXUS representatives and the constructions sector on topics of interest regarding the education, research and innovation.  

What are the student activities taking place under ConstructFEST? 

This year, we will be welcoming two categories of EU-CONEXUS students at ConstructFEST.  

First, we will be hosting the students who are enrolled in the EU-CONEXUS Social Entrepreneurship Programme for Smart and Sustainable Coastal Areas. They will be presenting the final pitch of their project and the jury will select the six winners. Second, we are happy to also host the EU-CONEXUS Minor students from our Effects on Climate Change course. Both categories will be a part of an interactive series of events designed to further deepen our collaboration. Also, EU-CONEXUS Student Board members and Erasmus Student Network representatives are invited to join the event. 

In this regard, activities organized for students contain: 

  • A unique Bucharest City Tour 
  • Social evenings 
  • EU-CONEXUS Career Forum  
  • Project Market Session with the City Hall of sector 2 
  • Leadership Workshop facilitated by ESN (European Student Network) 
  • EU-CONEXUS Cultural Festival – immersion into the Romanian culture 
  • Visit to EFdeN Sustainable City – NGO founded by UTCB students/alumni 
  • Presentations from Social Entrepreneurship Programme participants 
  • EU-CONEXUS Minor course, seminar and stakeholder visit 

Importance and relevance of ConstructFEST 

The unique aspect of ConstructFEST is given by the wide range of relevant actors brought together. The 9 EU-CONEXUS universities will be once again reunited with the most important stakeholders from the field of #construction in Romania. Moreover, this year’s edition sheds a light also on the cultural aspects of our European alliance, as the EU-CONEXUS Cultural Festival is also integrated in the fair. The delegations present will have the unique chance to strengthen our collaboration while experiencing an immersion into the Romanian culture. 

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