2022 Mar/01

EU-CONEXUS in solidarity with people in Ukraine

EU-CONEXUS joins the international community by condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops who are, in violation of international law, aggressing a sovereign state. We deplore and condemn an ​​act that recalls the dark hours of our history and express our support for the people of Ukraine.

As European University Alliance we build a partnership based on core European values: freedom, democracy, openness for diversity, mutual trust and respect of human rights. 

Universities are places of knowledge, dialogue and openess. They are open to Europe and the world. They welcome young people of all nationalities and backgrounds. They train the citizens of tomorrow and awaken their curiosity, awareness and critical thinking. They advance research and serve societies.

This is how we define ourselves and how we build the Europe we want to live in together.

Europe is a place for cooperation and mutual respect. Peace and continuous support for constructive dialogue is at the basis of the European Union. We call for the re-establishment of this dialogue and the end of armed aggression in Europe.

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