2021 Dec/08

EU-CONEXUS Job Shadowing Training for Spanish Teachers

During this week the UCV Institute of Languages together with EU-CONEXUS European university, have carried out the Training for Spanish Teachers days, where they have received Spanish teachers from other countries, Croatia, Lithuania and Poland, to show them the language training process and exchange best practices.

On the first day of the meeting, the Office of International Relations and EU-CONEXUS offered an introductory talk, and then went to the IDL to receive the presentation of the centre, as well as to learn the working process of the Spanish and Valencian language.

On the second day they learned the process of teaching the English language, and enjoyed a tour of the city of Valencia, its gastronomy and museums.

On the last day, there was a special collaboration with Jurate Derukaite, a teacher from Klaipeda, Lithuania, who offered an open session on the Lithuanian language, language curiosities and useful tips for traveling to Lithuania.

The mobility programme of the teachers have been financed with the Job Shadowing program of EU-CONEXUS and Erasmus +, with the aim of learning the work processes in other universities and thus exchanging good practices in. Making work more efficient, improving collaboration and opening paths for the internationalization of universities.

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