2021 Oct/19

Research for Society

Agricultural University of Athens: Innovation Expo

The 1st Innovation Expo in the Agricultural University of Athens was successfully held from the 28th to the 30th of September 2021.

More than 2,000 visitors came to the 1st Research, Innovation, and Technology Transfer Exhibition of the Agricultural University of Athens presenting 30 innovative products and services by the University’s research teams.

On the occasion of 100 + 1 years since its foundation, the University opened its doors to scientists, farmers, students, businessmen, investors, private companies, public bodies as well as representatives of the political world. EU-CONEXUS team with its booth was also present, introducing the visitors to all the innovative services that the European University of Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability can offer: Minor courses, joint Master’s degree, PhD, and Lifelong Learning Programmes, all within the multicultural environment that can provide students with soft skills and a European Identity.

Every partner University presented their innovations. More specifically, Klaipėda University presented Aerogel: its production, research, and application, a model for an autonomous green port, balneotherapy, a pneumobile, geothermal water for the marine RAS technology, and the shrimp tower technology; La Rochelle University presented the Aquatic Drones; UCV and IMEDMAR presented Pinna rudis 1758, the fastest growth reported for a bivalve; and UTCB presented the prefabricated bathroom module as well as kitchen accessories and extension (the process for attaching them to an existing individual home).

Together with us, the national winners of the 1st EU-CONEXUS Student Contest ‘Think Smart, Create Green’ joined us and presented their projects regarding sustainable coastal urban areas and green cities in a live event.

The stakeholders were also present in the EU-CONEXUS booth. Together with the representatives from the Piraeus port, the second largest port in Europe, as well as from the Municipality of Pireus, an important commercial, cultural, and industrial centre, we discussed potential collaboration and active involvement in the EU-CONEXUS thematic field.

We are looking forward to the 2nd Innovation Expo as a place for further interaction and innovative ideas to be launched in the European Market.

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