2021 Jun/09

Invitation to participate in online lecture series „1,5 °C Global Warming by 2030?“

Forecasts predict that the earth will warm by 1.5°C in the next 15 years compared to the pre-industrial age. The 1.5°C warming was already the climate target in Paris in 2015, which was to be achieved by 2100.

However, the 1.5°C warming is also a temperature threshold at which processes are triggered that can no longer be reversed, so-called tipping points.

The open questions we have to face are:

  • What does accelerated global warming mean for us in the next ten years?
  • What changes will we face and how do we address them?
  • If we can’t stop global warming, how do we adapt?

In order to respond adequately to the coming changes and to develop solutions for a life in a 1.5°C warmer world, we need a basic understanding of the major climate-related changes and their interrelationships.

To create an awareness for the upcoming challenges that we have to face, this open online lecture series is developed on a short term basis by The Beuth University (Berlin) and the Klaipeda University (Lithuania).In cooperation with the VDI – The Association of German Engineers and the EU-CONEXUS European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability, high-ranking experts are invited to shed light on the various aspects of accelerated climate change.

This free and open lecture series aims to support engineers, researchers and students in gaining a basic understanding of the current situation of climate change in order to develop possible research and development approaches for our life in a 1.5°C warmer world.

To join the Online Lecture Series, you just need to open the provided link:

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