2020 Sep/16

The New Academic Year Began at Klaipėda University, which is Celebrating its 30th Anniversary

On Monday, the opening ceremony for the new academic year took place at the Klaipėda University (KU) campus. The year started with the University being established as a member of the European University Alliance and also celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Starting work as a member of the European University Alliance

“Today we begin to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Klaipėda University and commemorate the first academic year, when the University has already established itself as a member of the European University Alliance EU-CONEXUS. Together with five other European higher education institutions, we have been developing the ambitious European University EU-CONEXUS (European University for the Sustainable Development of Smart Coastal Cities) for a year now. We can be proud that we are assembling a new generation of curious Europeans. Students, new opportunities are opening up for you for today and even greater opportunities for the future. You will receive the best and latest knowledge from all universities in different European countries. We have united our strengths so that we would be able to implement innovations in the world, using bold ideas and experience-based solutions,” said dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, Rector of KU. He wished the students a successful and meaningful start on the road of knowledge, being accompanied by curiosity, improvement, and creativity.

The University community was congratulated on the beginning of the academic year by honourable guests: Deputy Speaker of the Seimas Irena Šiaulienė and Deputy Minister of Education, Science, and Sports prof. Valdemaras Razumas. They were happy about the progress of the University, the growing number of students, and the University’s integration into European research structures and projects: “Klaipeda University has been recognized by prestigious research organizations. We wish KU further prosperity.”

Chairman of the Council of Klaipėda University, Mayor of the City Vytautas Grubliauskas compared the University to an academic rock on which the city can rest safely, feel strong, and look to the future with confidence.

On the occasion of the beginning of the academic year, the Bishop of Telšiai dr. Algirdas Jurevičius celebrated the Mass for the community of Klaipėda University, followed by a concert of the KU mixed choir Pajūrio aidos and acommunity picnic.

Named as a leader in science, knowledge, and innovation

30-year old Klaipėda University, of the same age as Lithuania’s Independence, has already become well known in Lithuania, and its achievements in research and studies as well as cultural and sports activities have been recognised abroad.

By the opening ceremony for the new academic year, KU officially begins celebrating its 30th anniversary. A discussion about the 30 years of the University activity took place. The changes at the University from 1991 to the present day and the role played by it in the culture, economy, and industry of the city of Klaipėda was commented upon by the Chairman of the KU Senate prof. dr. Vaidutis Laurėnas, historian prof. dr. Vygantas Vareikis and two famous alumni of the university: Tomas Juočys, Director of Klaipėda Drama Theatre, and Arnoldas Šileika, former Chairman of the University Council and Director of AB Vakarų laivų gamykla.

According to dr. Vareikis, the University creates intelligence, disseminates and shapes it: “It is an undoubtedly successful and prosperous project”. Šileika emphasised fruitful cooperation between the University and business.

“The vast majority of business leaders in the maritime sector are Klaipėda University graduates, as well as the vast majority of their teams. Klaipėda University plays a very significant role in the life of the city companies. Researchers have greatly contributed to the development of Klaipėda port. The University responds flexibly to the needs of the business community, contributes to the development of businesses, and helps to implement innovations and to organise research-based business. I wish the university to continue to be a leader and beacon of science, knowledge, and innovation”, said A. Šileika.

Scholarships awarded

Artur Koltunov, a 3rd year student of the Mechanical Engineering study programme and winner of the Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Jonas Žemaitis, and Akvilė Poškienė, a 2nd year master student of History of the Baltic States, prizewinner of Alfonsas Žalys Charity Foundation, were congratulated during the ceremony.

During the event, the Klaipėda City Municipality prizes were awarded to KU graduates whose final theses were recognized as relevant and of adaptive nature to the city. The prizes were received by: Giedrius Braziulis, Master of the Department of Marine Engineering, KU, for the final thesis Investigations of the Oil Terminal Loading Potential; Marius Žemgulis, Bachelor of the Department of Marine Engineering, for the final thesis Design of an Electric Passenger Vessel; Rokas Rapolavičius, Bachelor of the Engineering Department, for the final thesis Desulphurisation of Waste Tire Pyrolysis Oil Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation; Viktorija Trumpickaitė, a Master’s student at the Centre for Social Geography and Regional Studies, for her final thesis Klaipėda City Youth Employment and Employment Opportunities in Klaipėda; and Eglė Šerutytė, Bachelor of the Department of Public Administration and Political Science, for the final thesis Issues of Medical Waste Management in Klaipėda City Hospitals.

30 exclusive experiences to be organised

Although KU started the academic year under unusual conditions, all the coming year will be exclusive in a good way. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, the University promises a number of surprises. Together with partners, KU has prepared 30 unique experiences that cultivate personalities, develop creativity, support ambitious goals, and promote community spirit.

The list of experiences includes research activities, internship at a European university, a visit to the windmill tower, shipbuilding, acquaintance with dolphins, performance in a basketball match with the KU Leader Dance group, and many more. An online platform will be launched in September, where you will find presentations of all activities and registration forms.

“Klaipėda University is a changing and progressive institution, fostering the values of openness, communality, innovative creativity, and oriented towards freedom. With the slogan “Freedom and Space for Action”, we invite the community and the general public to be brave, to participate, and to celebrate together”, said Rector Artūras Razbadauskas.

A video on exclusive experiences can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIuNAE8CgOw&fbclid=IwAR2X5qx7jwk61OVU95qdaixI52sJqm6HX8q_03IdqgXv6CksjUX6qUkeTj0

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