2020 Apr/08

KU students’ initiatives: volunteering in hospitals and production of protective masks

Due to the threat of coronavirus a huge amount of work and lack of necessary protective means have fallen onto medics shoulders. Therefore the students of Klaipeda university have joined the volunteers in healthcare institutions.  They have also started the production of multiple-use protective masks.

Another nice students’ initiative is to take care about the personnel working at hospital reception. Every morning they deliver coffee to the employees of the medical treatment institution.

KU Prector Prof. Dr. Arturas Razbadauskas enjoys, that students are unified not only by their medical calling, but also by the civil will. “We always develop and promote our students’ volunteering and citizenship.  Active students and university personnel group together and add to the fight against the pandemia with real works. I hope their example will be followed by even more people. Our strength is in our unity.“ –  KU Rector says.

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