2020 Mar/16

The Associated Professor of Klaipeda University got acquainted with the students of La Rochelle University

On 8 th-14th March, the Associated Professor of Klaipeda University Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department of Economics Rasa Viederytė went to France, EU-CONEXUS partner,  La Rochelle university and delivered lectures for the students of this University Management Faculty and Preparatory Class for Business schools for a week.  

On the request of La Rochelle university, the following topics of lectures for the students of Economics and Management and IT Systems Management were agreed: “Technological and environmental decisions for sustainable development of marine industry“; “Compatibility of economical intelligence and green growth“; “Communication in marketing“ and “Sustainability of coastal cities“. 

The main economic and managerial decisions of Klaipeda as a coastal city as well as the vision of the city development were introduced, the need for such decisions, influence of environmental peculiarities on the development of ports, its technological and economical aspects and globalisation impact on the development of maritime industry were discussed. The students involved in the discussions about the challenges to the La Rochelle, as a coastal city, growth and development actively, they found some similarities to Klaipeda. 

The following lectures were delivered for the students of Preparatory Class for Business schools: “Sustainable green growth decisions in non-formal education, organising international campuses and olympiads“ and “Social enterpreneurship development among the youth through innovative non-formal education game training methods“. 

Lithuanian socio-economical survey, the fundamental economical data about the country and their projections,   the economical situation comparison of France and Lithuania were also presented, the main Western Lithuania strategic economical development projects of the city, port, areas of logistics and industry were visualised to the youth. The students were interested in possibilities to study in Lithuania, peculiarities of Lithuanian education system, they enquired about possible vacations for their apprenticenships and the established link between the organisations of science and business. 

During the meetings with the lecturers and management the possible common directions of activities were discussed: active involvement in the implementation of the EU-CONEXUS project activities which have already started in their own topics, preparation of common scientific publications, initiation and implementation of common projects, creation of common joint study programmes as well as maintenance and strengthtening of the established warm collegiate relations through the exchange of knowledge and skills. 

This international teaching internship was funded by the Erasmus+ programme. 

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