Short Story Contest on the Future of the Coastline

Short Story Contest on the Future of the Coastline

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The world’s coastlines are facing a number of challenges, including climate change, rising sea levels, and coastal erosion. These challenges are having a significant impact on coastal communities, ecosystems, and economies.

In this call, we invited students to imagine coastal regions that have undergone profound transformation following a significant event in the 2070s, as documented in a newspaper article published 50 years later. Society has adeptly adapted to these shifts, giving rise to a novel societal structure. It is within this evolved coastal society that we encouraged the students to craft a short story. Four distinct scenarios were presented from which the students could select one or two as their narrative’s foundation.

Discover the novels

Shattered Shores by Stefania Andreescu, UTCB BSc student

Le journal d’Angèle by Camille Abjean, Elsa Pattyn and Alice Audusseau, LRUniv BSc students