Short Story Contest on the Future of the Coastline

Call for participation open to all EU-CONEXUS student community.

You have talents in writing? You want to be challenged for creating a narrative? Then this call is for you!

Short Story Contest on the Future of the Coastline

Your story

The world’s coastlines are facing a number of challenges, including climate change, rising sea levels, and coastal erosion. These challenges are having a significant impact on coastal communities, ecosystems, and economies.

In this call, we invite you to imagine coastal regions that have undergone profound transformation following a significant event in the 2070s, as documented in a newspaper article published 50 years later. Society has adeptly adapted to these shifts, giving rise to a novel societal structure. It is within this evolved coastal society that we encourage you to craft a short story. We present four distinct scenarios from which you can select one or two as your narrative’s foundation.

To maintain narrative coherence, your fictional work should align with current scientific knowledge, encompassing fields such as earth sciences, biology, geography, and more. While not necessitating complete scientific accuracy, your content should exhibit internal consistency and a foundation based on sound principles.

Submission guidelines

Stories should be:

  • between 3 and 8 pages long
  • in French or English
  • submitted in Word or PDF format.
  • double-spaced and in 12-point font.


The top three winning stories will be selected by a jury based at La Rochelle Université.

Winners will get EU-CONEXUS goodies and will have their story promoted within EU-CONEXUS channels.

Deadline for submission is 31st December 2023.

Please submit your stories to:

Please submit your stories to: