EU-CONEXUS Plus is mainstreaming, deepening and expanding the European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability EU-CONEXUS. EU-CONEXUS Plus introduces three former associated partners as full members, creates a legal entity for the implementation of joint actions, continues the set-up of a joint infrastructures and stabilises the scope of cooperation chosen around the thematic focus “Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability” (SmUCS) while covering all missions of a university: education, research, innovation and service to society. A special focus is laid on the empowerment of students’ self-governance and their initiatives.

Regarding education, joint course programmes on SmUCS on all levels, microcredentials to broaden flexibility, personalisation and LLL aspects and special modules aiming at attracting BSc students to research are planned. Training on pedagogical methodologies and tools is intensified. Support for the development of study programmes proposed by the teaching community will be centralised.

For research, the Joint Research Area is further supported by enlarged mobility programmes, networking events and the introduction of scientific management staff promoting the linkage of research activities on SmUCS.

Regarding innovation, a support service is established around knowledge and technology transfer promoting entrepreneurial mindsets and creativity among staff and students.

The already established Career network widens its scope of action by offering trainings on job readiness and facilitating work-based experiences. The EU-CONEXUS Stakeholder Academy further enhances the close connection with partners’ ecosystems, with a special focus on regions, cities and ports.

Outreach to local communities is achieved by continuing the successful international school contest and the organisation of cultural festivals in a local setting.