Life sciences and biotechnology

Topic proposals

  • DNA-based tools for environment assessment and sustainable agriculture and aquaculture. (session: Biotechnology for environment protection and sustainable agriculture and aquaculture)
  • Plant biotechnology for environment preservation. (session: Plants and microorganisms for environment protection and disaster prevention)
  • Exploitation of (micro)organisms as biocontrol agents and sources of human food, bioactive compounds, biofuels, and eco-friendly new materials. New applications of microorganisms in fermentation products. New (micro)organism-derived drugs. (session: Exploitation of (micro)organisms as biocontrol agents and as sources of new compounds/materials)
  • Management of new diseases in the context of climate change. (session: Environment deterioration-related health and disease management in the context of climate change)
  • Applied Mathematics, Computational Methods, Green chemistry and Physics towards sustainable solutions for energy and the environment. (session: Science applications for eco-friendly energy production)