Blue Innovation Day

Join us as we showcase visionary leadership in marine biotechnology and coastal sustainability. From pioneering research to bold policy initiatives, Blue Innovation Day is a groundbreaking event that aims to further the international expansion of Marine Biotechnology by showcasing the value of universities, students, researchers, and industry professionals.

Blue Innovation Day

Save the date:

July 11, 2024, at the BioHub space in the Marina of Valencia, Spain


Engage in Blue knowledge-sharing sessions with peers and Explore potential research collaborations and funding opportunities

Industry Leaders and Stakeholders:

Explore a pool of talented and showcase your ideas to industry experts

Policy makers:

Valuable insights into policy trends, and regulatory frameworks related to coastal sustainability and blue innovation


Dive into the professional sector of Blue growth, network with industry leaders, and discover pathways for your future career


Insights from Marine biotechnology industry


Networking lunch


Innovations by EU-CONEXUS Joint Master in Marine Biotechnology students and researchers

*Detailed programme to be announced soon