Organizational structure

Governing Structures of EU‐CONEXUS

The Governing Board For the 3 initial years of the project phase, the coordinating partner (LRUniv) will chair the Governing Board. It will later include the presidents or vicepresidents of the participating institutions and be chaired by one of the presidents of the partner institutions, who will change every two years.
A joint Management BoardConsisting of an Executive Director at LRUniv validated by the Governing Board at LRUniv and the WP leaders, the Joint Management Board will be responsible for the daily management of the current academic and administrative activities.
A joint Academic Council and its Programme
Committees for the academic development of
Will consist of EU-CONEXUS teaching and
research staff and students per partner institution.
A Financial and Administrative CouncilWill give advice and support on financial and administrative
issues. It will consist of three administrative staff members nominated by the partner institutions.
An External Advisory Board including
stakeholders from public and private entities (e.g. associated partners, international partners)
Will ensure evaluations and quality control of strategies and activities. The Governing Board will nominate its members that should at least consist of one representative from each partner institution’s regional environment.

Joint Service Structures of EU-CONEXUS

EU‐CONEXUS joint service structures with relevant staff members from partner institutions include: 

  • Communication and Dissemination Unit 
  • Mobility Office 
  • Joint Research Steering Committee 
  • Public and Corporate Relations Unit   
  • International Relations Steering Committee  
  • Smart Campus Unit