2023 Apr/11

Research for Society

Researchers training course on transversal skills

From 29 to 31 March, 17 researchers from the six EU-CONEXUS Research for Society project partner universities participated in the third face-to-face session of the pilot training course on transversal skills. This session took place at the Agriculture University of Athens, which co-organised it.

The session dealt with the topic of human resource management. Each day different aspects of perceptive leadership, negotiation and conscious career planning were addressed.

In addition to the theory, researchers participated in activities that allowed them to apply the notions learned and to observe correct behaviours and attitudes. Also, regarding the later, modify their actions in order to manage a team that has to carry out a project with a grant.  

One of the most relevant aspects of this pilot training is the fact that the participants come from different cultures and different research backgrounds. This cultural diversity and multidisciplinarity enriches the proposals and favour the transfer of knowledge between teams.

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